In the present competitive market scenario, data mining or data collection helps businesses to improve their efficiency in different manners. But data mining is a time consuming process which requires attention to the details as well as web research skills. At Data Outsourcing India, we have highly skilled data mining teams to collect information from web or scanned files and organize it into easy to retrieval format.

Consulting, Implementation and Support Services

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) conducted an independent study of more than 470 data and analytic projects delivered by 18 major service providers.

Data mining tools are being extensively used across diverse sectors and industries like Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Marketing, etc. to recognize significant patterns, trends, relationships, and exceptions, and make better business decisions.

Data mining is not about simple statistics or pointless number-crunching but a sophisticated, organised process capable of identifying key information which the human brain does not see or perceive. Filtering out random factors, it establishes key relations by means of advanced mathematical algorithms, converting all types of data into valid, clearly understandable information which can be directly actioned for greater success.

Our Service

A highly skilled professional service with a Data Mining.

Web Data Mining

We take data from around the internet based on your specific needs for both public and private businesses, of all shapes and sizes. We have advanced data collection tools that are proven effective at delivering comprehensive web data collection for analysis

SQL Data Mining

With SQL data mining, we can use our advanced tools to comb the web for the virtually unlimited amount of information currently available on the internet. Our SQL data mining services are capable of creating massive databases of information for modeling.

Feasibility study service

If you already have a clear vision of how to use Data Mining in your business process use our feasibility study service to get all the facts and figures ready. We will complete an initial assessment on how the process could work, we will assess what the benefits are and if the data is complete.

DM Implementation service

Once the Data Mining analysis is complete a decision must then be made on how one would move forward. Some projects will conclude with a report, but in most cases the potential value of repeated Data Mining is clear.

Data Analytics Services

Data Outsourcing India provides reliable and precise data analytics services to help businesses in making the right insight-based business decisions. Our professionals help in analyzing your data to improve operational efficiency and address the proactive risk management. To meet your specific requirements, we can customize our data-driven analytical solutions.

OCR Cleanup / Scanning Services

There are many companies in the world, who spend a number of valuable hours daily to find needed information stored on papers. The business-critical information might be misplaced if it is available only on papers and you have massive amount of files in office.

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