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HP Support Assistant

Printers have great role in our organizational and personal tasks and HP has manufactured various printers of quality and budget. Occurrences of technical faults can spoil whole session and productivity for which you must understand the technicalities of HP printer and the nature of problem. For all major or minor faults with HP devices you must go for HP support assistant.

During use of printer you might run into various technical problems. Follow the steps described below which are helpful in troubleshooting or get support from hp printer assistant online.

Step 1 - Just unplug and restart computer system. If your printer is unable to resolve the issues after power cycling which sometimes get resolved then move to nest step.

Step 2 - Now you should check cable for wireless connection and make sure that USB cable should be connected.

Step 3 - Now you have to uninstall and reinstall your Hp printer. For removing your printer select the Start> settings>Devices>Printers & scanners> Find the printer, select it and now select remove device option.

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Re-installation of Printer-

For re-installation of a wireless printer you can come to hp support assistant download or can select Start> Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners. Now select “Add a printer or scanner” and choose the printer which you want. Then choose “Add device”. For re-installation of local printer select Start> Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners. Now from the list check if your printer is not installed then select “Add a printer or scanner”. Now you have to wait for your device for finding available printers. When it is done then choose desired one and select “Add device”.

Step 4 - Now you have to install latest drivers for your printer. In this way printer will work well but if it is still not working properly the move to nest step.

Step 5 - Now you have to run the printing troubleshooter which is helpful in printer installation and connection problems, so just download it and run. If the link is not opening troubleshooter then enter “Printing problem in” in search box> select “Printing problem in” from the list> select “Troubleshooter” and download. Now you have to open and follow the steps of troubleshooter. If your printer is still not working hen move to next step or go for www hp com support.

Step 6 - When troubleshooting step is not successful then clear spooler files and restart it. For clearing and resetting spooler type service in search box> select “Services” in the list of results> select the “Standards tab”> double-click “Print Spooler”. Now select “Stop”> OK.

Type %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers in search box>select same in the list of results> delete all files in the folder. Now search for “services” in list which will be appear after typing it. In the search box on the taskbar, search for services, and then select Services in the list of results. Now select Standards> double-click “Print Spooler” from list. Select Start> select Automatic> OK. If printer is still not working move to next step. For any confusion contact hp assistant services.

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If you're facing problems like Hp printer not printing after upgrading or updating to the latest version of operating system like Windows 10 then fix it and if still not working then continue to nest step. If your printer is displaying a message "offline" status; then kindly check steps of troubleshooting offline printers.

You can take online help also for all issues with your printer. Establish a communication session between you and us through hp support assistant number. You can chat with our executives also for getting excellent support service.

Online Support
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Disclaimer: HP Support Assistant is offering technical support related to common technical issues of the HP Printer. HP Support Assistant Support is NOT AFFILIATED with any brand name associated with the products mentioned on the website. HP Support Assistant - The support is provided as an independent provider.